Why work here? For so many great reasons… and to give you a few…, read below – you’ll discover that Influence is more than just a

place to work!

  • Family

    Those that work at Influence become family and life long friendships are developed here. We all really enjoy spending time together!

  • Retreat

    For a couple of days out of the year, we lock the shop and all go away to mix, mingle, laugh and learn at our Annual Retreat! Oh, and our office is officially closed between Christmas and New Years! Just some extra vacation days we’ve thrown in there.

  • Work Week

    We have a Personalized Workweek Program. So if you like to wake up with the roosters, come on in. If you want to go to the gym first thing in the morning then come in a little later.

  • Influence Academy

    You can participate in Influence Academy where you can attend professional and inspirational Lunch & Learns, and/or participate in the Mentorship Program. We have some pretty smart people here but we also support our staff with outside learning opportunities.

  • Pet Friendly

    You can find a dog here almost every day. Either in the boardroom, in an ideation session, catching some zzzz’s in a quiet corner, in the lunchroom, or with their head in the garbage can – no surprise there!

  • Blue Sky

    Hey, do you have your head in the clouds thinking of a crazy idea? We have monthly “Blue Sky Sessions” facilitated by our Passions 4 Ideas Committee. This forum helps you expand those ideas even further! We also have an annual “Blue Sky Challenge” where the best idea is recognized and implemented!

  • Recognition

    How do we show you you’re AWESOME? People at Influence work really hard (like… really hard) and deserve to be recognized. Our folks also like winning so we’ve created a “Quarterly Cup” (think Stanley Cup) – you get your name on it and it’s given to an outstanding employee every quarter… hence the name, “Quarterly Cup”. The cup also comes with the best parking spot. We also recognize employees with “Sky Bucks” for going above and beyond!

  • Milestones Program

    How long have you worked here? We have a “Milestone Program”. You will receive a little something to recognize and celebrate your contribution. Rewards are handed out on 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 years of service! Hint for year 3: lots of extra vacation time.

  • Fun Zone

    A place to hang out – there’s Pacman, bean bags, picnic tables and you can watch an episode of your favourite show on TV if you so desire!

  • Clubs

    Are clubs and extra curricular activities your thing? Have a passion for health? We have a “Be Better Committee” and a Health & Wellness Team. Have a passion for building fun events? We have a Social Committee. Are you Instagram famous? Join our Digital Council. Have a passion for knitting? Call upon your wool loving friends and let’s start knitting everything!

  • Celebrations

    Yes, we work hard but we still have time to dress up for Halloween and have a Pumpkin Carving contest! We host a leprechaun-leaping contest on St. Patty’s Day, we have Summer BBQs and competitions/Eggs Olympics (you’ll have to find out what that is when you get here). Left over bananas from an event execution? Of course we had to have a banana bread-baking contest. We also have “Pop Up Potlucks”, and…. there’s always a “cold one” available in our lounge!

  • Social Responsibility

    We believe in Social Responsibility – We have an annual food drive contest for our local community, we partner with our clients’ charities to support their cause and we provide time off for employees to volunteer for a cause close to their heart.



If you can give it, you can get it, and then go do great things.

We love to work hard and play hard.

Like what you see?