Astro Zer0

About This Project

Can a consumer promotion change lives?  Astro Zero 30 hired Influence to do just that.

This promotion became a movement, with teams infield, details in store and a community online; Influence Marketing brought consumers dreams to life with the Astro Zer0 Make It Your 30 campaign!


Video Description:

Influence marketing helped create a movement for Astro Zer0 called make it your 30, to reinforce the 30 calories point of difference by rewarding customers, augment in store presence, and drive traffic to digital assets. But since the market is already saturated with giveaways we decided to do something different. We thought, what if we created a promotion that would become a movement to improve consumer’s lives. Instead of giving away trips and cars, we asked consumers to share their hopes and dreams and we would make them come true. We activated in Toronto and Calgary and two lucky winners were selected. From this we learned that contests should be about more then just prizes, they should connect with consumers through their interests and not just their purchases. Give people the ability to share their passions with the world and they will surprise you every time. And that’s how we created a movement instead of a promotion for Astro Zer0.